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Fortus 250mc

Product** End of Service* Service-Time & Spare Parts Printing Materials
Fortus 200MC 31-Mar-17
Fortus 250mc 28-Feb-24

*Service contracts can be purchased up to one year before the End of Service date.
** Refer to the table below for End-of-Service Serial Numbers
***Service contracts can no longer be purchased effective Dec. 31, 2017.

3D Printing Materials for the Fortus 250mc


The Fortus 250mc is our most affordable 3D production system, and it delivers flexibility and reliability. It’s the only Fortus 3D Production System that uses ABSplus, which is up to 40 percent stronger than our standard ABS material.

Fortus 250System Highlights

  • Three layer resolutions
  • Nine material colors plus custom color options
  • Most affordable Fortus system

Model Material:

  • ABSplus-P430

Support Material:

  • The Fortus 250mc builds parts in production-grade ABSplus thermoplastic, which offers nine color choices. This lets your prototypes faithfully resemble finished products in look and durability. The Fortus 250mc uses soluble support structures for easy, hands-free removal — even for parts with complex geometry and twisted cavities.