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Design with the desktop SOLIDWORKS you know and love, then securely save your data to the cloud and access it from any web browser. Collaborate in real time with every part of your business, including customers, partners, and more.

Featured Roles


SIMULIA allows companies to evaluate the performance and safety of their innovations before committing to costly physical prototypes.  These benefits are easier than ever to enjoy thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform’s focus on ease of use and cloud compute.

Featured Roles

  • Structural Performance Engineer (SFO)

    Structural Performance Engineer (SFO)

    Assess the structural performance of products in nonlinear static and dynamic environments for informed engineering decisions
  • Compute Credit Pack (CCR)

    Compute Credit Pack (CCR)

    A deployment option for On Cloud roles that provides on-demand licensing for cloud computing and access to Dassault Systemes cloud hardware resources
  • Fluid Dynamics Engineer (FMK)

    Fluid Dynamics Engineer (FMK)

    Perform fluid flow and heat transfer simulations, leading to better quality designs while avoiding manufacturing issues


CATIA delivers world-class 3D modeling and simulation capabilities to meet the industry-specific needs and challenges of systems architects, engineers, designers, and construction professionals.

Featured Roles


ENOVIA is a broad portfolio of technical and business apps for all users across the enterprise.  It enables teams to collaboratively build and execute ambitious product development plans.

Featured Roles

  • Product Manager (PDM)

    Product Manager (PDM)

    Provide the right offers at the right time to meet the demand & personalization of customers
  • Change Manager (CHG)

    Change Manager (CHG)

    A strategic close-loop collaborative change process that clearly communicates change decisions and assignments to all impacted domains
  • Collaborative Industry Innovator (CSV)

    Collaborative Industry Innovator (CSV)

    Reduce product development cycle time and maximize innovation across the value network


DELMIA brings modeling and simulation into the real world of operations with cloud-based solutions for supply chain, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and workforces.

Featured Roles


The 3DEXCITE brand brings 3D product content creation onto the secure 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform.  Global brands leverage 3DEXCITE for services and software to elevate their marketing beyond messaging.

Featured Roles

  • 3D Render (DPA)

    3D Render (DPA)

    Easily create & share photorealistic renderings of your product to promote a design and deliver stunning content for customer engagements
  • Product Communicator (XPR)

    Product Communicator (XPR)

    Create stunning digital content to showcase product values, enable partners and win customers
  • Marketing Model Generator (OCB)

    Marketing Model Generator (OCB)

    Create Once – Reuse Everywhere. Standardized, repeatable, process automation saves time and effort for Marketing Model buildup.

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Explore All Roles



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