3D Printing takes another step forward


I was told this morning that CATI is now partnered with Objet to sell their new Alaris30 Desktop 3DPart02  Printer.  I started doing my research and this stuff is outstanding!! This small desktop sized printer is capable of delivering very high resolution parts at high speed to get detailed parts quickly that can be used effectively for testing form and function.

Part01_3The most exciting aspect of this, for me at least, is the ability to  generate that very fine detail that previously was only possible for much more expensive machines.  Take a look at the machine when you get a chance.  I think you’ll be impressed.


Adrian Fanjoy

Technical Services Manager

Computer AIded Technology

2 comments on “3D Printing takes another step forward

  1. The Alaris30 is a great printer. I just came back from technical training on the machine. Put together really well and builds parts with incredible detail. The core PolyJet technology is borrowed from Objets high end offerings so the reliability has already been proven. I think this 3D printer is going to be very popular. Someone said: “SLA quality at 3D Printer prices.” I think thats a great description.
    Tom H.

  2. Who would’ve thought you can produce an “SLA like” model from a desktop printer! The Alaris30 3D printer will do what Bill Gates said the personal computer will do except that there will be one in every office instead of every home.

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