Complicated Designs


Since there are many users that are required to simulate
complicated parts and assemblies for marketing or validation, some have posted
their work on the internet. Mike J.
Wilson’s website stood out from the rest. The address is
. He has done great work like creating adjustable
curved helixes, which are controlled with mates. 

Another question I have received from customers is how to
simulate a heating coil
wrapped around a cylindrical ceramic insulator. Basically, this is a helical sweep turned 100 times along a helical
path. Unfortunately, you can spend a lot
of time trying to find the right constraints so that small coil that is turned
about the helical path stays normal to the path. Instead just download it; I’m sure it’s
faster. Mike has done a great job
posting many different types of parts and assemblies with videos.

Ketul Patel

Technical  Support