SOLIDWORKS on an iTouch?



I have heard that a lot of people are very happy running SOLIDWORKS on Apple computers, but is anyone running it on an iPod Touch?

Justin Webster from our InFlow team got this working. There is a trick to it. Any ideas how he did it?

One hint, the trick is not Photoshop. This actually works, but we are still trying to figured out how to right click on an iTouch ;-).

2 comments on “SOLIDWORKS on an iTouch?

  1. You have the right idea Lou. It was actually VNC, but Remote Desktop accomplishes the same thing, probably even better, because it can be set up to get around some firewall issues.
    It is not practical to run SOLIDWORKS this way. It is a trick to get double clicks and right clicks to work, but the interesting part was that we were able to run ePDM. This allows access to your design library from a hand held device. Next I will have to check my Blackberry…

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