2010 Installation Quirk?


Things on support at CATI always come in waves. It like death and taxes – something that you can always count on. This being said in the last couple weeks we have been busy with installation questions and the usual interface change and functionality questions. But I started to see a trend. I will always consider something to be a trend after I see 3 calls within a 2 week period.

I don’t know what is triggering this but I have seen some installs not checking the sub folders in the Design Library, Forming Tools folder as “Forming Tools”. With SOLIDWORKS in order to have something act as a “forming” tool for sheet metal parts the folder either has to be “checked” or the form tool that you create needs to be saved as Form Tool with the extension of .sldftp. These topics are all covered in the Sheet Metal class offered by CATI.

If you’re forming tools sub folder is not checked as a form tool folder you will get this message.


At this point you might be confused and call support. But first before you do that go to the CATI blog and search to see if they have as solution to my issue so I can be more effective in my job and get things done faster and better!

First make sure that the top level folder is checked as a forming tools folder. This is a “RIGHT CLICK” thing.


Next make sure that all the sub folders inside the top level are also checked as forming tools folders.


This is where I have seen issues on the default installations not making the entire sub folder list checked as well as the top level.

Hope this helps!

Todd Werginz