Your 3D mouse’s secret plan to take over the world


Ask anyone who uses a 3D mouse what it feels like to use SOLIDWORKS without it. –Their left arm is constantly twitching wanting to reach for the device that isn’t there.

Want to have that feeling with all applications? With 3DConnexion’s 3DxWare 10 driver you can!
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This new driver allows you to use your 3D mouse in any application. “From Microsoft Office to internet browsers and from media players to games with 3DxWare 10, a 3D mouse can complement, or provide a compelling alternative to, most input devices including keyboard, traditional mouse, joystick and gamepads.”

Go to 3Dconnexion’s “Anywhere” page, check out the videos on the right, get your mouse and feel the arm twitch.

[Think they were reading Dezignstuff’s recent post about the need for a better mouse? – Maybe the better mouse is already here, we just needed a driver for it?]

Sadly, my SpaceTraveler isn’t supported hardware, so I can’t give you a personal review. Let me know what you think.

One comment on “Your 3D mouse’s secret plan to take over the world

  1. I loaded this on my computer with the 3DConnexion Explorer. You can select whether you want 3D Mouse, 2D Mouse, Keyboard, and Joystick. The 2D Mouse functionality will let you use the puck like a trackball. You move or tilt the puck and the cursor moves. It feels kinda like using the little joystick built in to many laptops. The other cool thing is being able to set Joystick controls. This allows you to set move, tilt, and other puck movements to Joystick X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz, Throttle, Hat NS, Hat EW. Now you can use your 3DConnexion controller to manipulate the camera view in any FPS or control the throttle in a Flight Simulator. Maybe you can even talk your spouse into letting you buy one of these for home if you can figure out how to use it in “Bejeweled Blitz 8”.

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