SOLIDWORKS Free Tools – Utilities – Compare Drawings


Today I’d like to show a simple way to identify the differences between drawings to help facilitate the documentation of revision changes.

It’s a free tool available within the SOLIDWORKS Utilities called “Draw Compare”.

The SOLIDWORKS Utilities add-in is available with SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Premium levels, and includes*:

  • Compare Utility
    The Compare utility compares two documents or two configurations of the same document.
  • Feature Paint
    Feature Paint allows you to copy feature parameters from one feature to others that you select.
  • Find/Modify Utility
    The Find/Modify utility lets you find a set of features in a part that satisfy specified parameter conditions, then edit them in a batch mode.
  • Find and Replace Annotation
    Find and Replace Annotation finds and replaces text for a variety of annotation types in the currently open part, assembly, or drawing document.
  • Geometry Analysis
    Geometry Analysis identifies geometric entities in a part that could cause a problem in other applications. These applications include finite element modeling or computer-aided machining.
  • Power Select
    Power Select allows you to select all the entities (edges, loops, faces, or features) in a part that meet certain criteria that you define.
  • Report Manager
    You can save reports for the following utilities: Compare Features, Compare Geometry, Compare Documents, Compare BOMs, Geometry Analysis, Symmetry Check, and Thickness Analysis. Report Manager is a tool that helps you manage these reports.
  • Simplify Utility
    The Simplify Utility lets you create simplified configurations of a part or assembly to perform analysis.
  • Symmetry Check Utility
    Symmetry Check checks for geometric symmetry in parts about a plane. It identifies symmetrical, asymmetrical, and unique faces.
  • Feature Parameter vs. Volume-based Feature Simplification
    When you apply the Simplify Utility, you can determine features to simplify by comparing feature parameters, or by comparing feature volume.
  • Thickness Analysis
    Use the Thickness Analysis utility to determine different thicknesses of a part. This utility is especially helpful when using thin-walled plastic parts.

To use the SOLIDWORKS Utilities you will need to activate the SOLIDWORKS Utilities Add-in.

Before there are any open files in SOLIDWORKS select Tools – Add-ins, or click on the Options Icon drop-down and select Add-ins

Then select SOLIDWORKS Utilities.

Open the two drawings you wish to compare:

Then select Tools – Compare – Draw Compare

This will open a new screen, like this:

Use the Browse buttons at the top to open the two drawings again.

Then click on the Compare Tool

This will open both documents and highlight the differences.

Use the Zoom to Area tool to examine the specific differences

Here you can see that the dimension was changed, and a revision symbol was placed.

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