3DVision Technologies is now an Office2PDM reseller

What is Office2PDM?

Office2PDM is an add-in for Microsoft Office that brings the document management functions of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM directly into Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

With Office2PDM you no longer have to leave Word, Excel and PowerPoint to work with your files in SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM.

-Access Enterprise PDM directly through your Microsoft Office environment, providing you with the ability to manage your data on your terms through a familiar interface.

-Apply enterprise-level data management within your established work procedures.

-Enable enterprise document management by providing you with the capability to easily check-in, check-out and revise directly from the Ribbon UI or Task Pane.

For more information on Office2PDM, visit www.office3pdm or contact us at info@3dvision.com.

Office2PDM is a member product of Extensible CAD Technologies.

*Requires Microsoft Office 2003 or later.

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