Blank RX

With everyone moving to 64 bit operating systems, we are starting to see a different range of issues.  One of these is with the SOLIDWORKS RX tool.  We often refer to this to check the system when customers call in with problems.  On some 64 bit systems, the RX tool will only show icons with a few lines.  When you drag your cursor across the window, you will notice that the cursor changes when you get to a link or option. It appears like all the functions still work, you just will not be able to see all of what you are selecting.

SW RX missing info

One would think that this would be a result of an incorrect graphics driver.  I double checked mine and was indeed using the recommended driver.  It actually has nothing to do with the graphics card.  It is the Adobe add-on for 64 bit systems called "Acrobat 3D 64-bit Add-On" that causes the problem.   If this x64 Adobe add-in is removed through add / remove programs, the RX tool appears and runs as it should.  Adobe should still run correctly with the add-in removed.  On my machine, I did get an error when I started Adobe stating something to the effect that Adobe is missing some critical components and a repair needs to be run.  However, I have not had any issues with Adobe or the toolkit that allows you to open 3D models.  Everything seems to be running just fine.  I should also point out that Adobe Acrobat 8.x, which is what I am using, was never developed for x64 systems.  Here is the link to the Adobe Tech notes… 

SOLIDWORKS has verified this issue and reported it in SPR 543888.

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