CamelBak: Hydration Meets Design Innovation


Learn how the design team at CamelBak uses SOLIDWORKS to create the most innovative products that keep the world properly hydrated, all while reducing single-use water bottle waste. CamelBak not only designs unique products, but must also build creative new tools for testing and manufacturing to ensure their products meet rigorous standards.

Learn how CamelBak uses SOLIDWORKS to:

  • Reduce design iterations before creating physical prototypes
  • Create custom designs starting within SOLIDWORKS
  • Design parts in-house used for testing each concept
  • Develop beautiful designs with precise and complex shapes

Watch the video and see how companies like yours succeed with SOLIDWORKS.


“A product that I’ve been working on here at CamelBak is our KickBak product,” says Kelsey Hammond, mechanical engineer. “It’s an insulated beverage container with a lid that you drink through, and my main focus has been on the cap. The way that the product works is that you have a living hinge. The part snaps open and locks into place. That was something that wasn’t super easy to prototype. However, I was able to do motion studies using SOLIDWORKS and was able to refine the design of where that snaps in.” In the video, Kelsey demonstrates her original model of a functional lid, and the model SOLIDWORKS helped her create with advanced surface modeling. “As you can see, in this model, it is functional, but it doesn’t look like something beautiful. As you can see here on the right-hand model, I was able to refine those surfaces using advanced surfacing techniques and get, in fact, a more functional but also more attractive aesthetic for the product. SOLIDWORKS surfacing really helped me address these problems by giving me those advanced techniques to get more organic curved surfaces that are not only beautiful, but really functional.”

Learn more about how CamelBak uses SOLIDWORKS to advance their designs, including with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) in the video.

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