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When bailing wire and duct tape won’t do it

As many of CATI’s customers already know I am the Technical Services Manager for CATI.  I am also,  for all intents and purposes, a redneck.  I hail from the Deep South, and in the environment I grew-up in there was no excuse for having a piece of equipment sitting around do nothing unless you blew it up previously.  (I mean with explosives.) Josh Altergott is the Support Team Lead for CATI and the closest thing I’ve seen to a redneck north of the Mason Dixon Line.  What we learned in our personal and professional lives is that there is very little that can’t be fixed duct tape and bailing wire. 

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Glad to Be Here!

I always knew this is where I would end up. I didn’t know why or when or what circumstances would present themselves, but somehow I just new. My name is Todd Werginz and I am the new tech at CATI. I will be working out of the Brookfield office helping existing, and prospective customers with the “Technical Aspects” of  Solidworks.  First I need to give a little background. I have been associated with the manufacturing field for some time (20 Years Ouch!). I have been married to my wife Heidi for 15 years. I have three children ages 19, 13, and 5. I enjoy fishing, hunting, woodworking, playing my drums

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When was the last time you updated your video card drivers?

Anytime there is a major upgrade to Solidworks, it is always a good rule of thumb to make sure your computer is running a tested and recommended graphics card and the most up to date drivers. The first thing you will want to check is what graphics card and driver version you are currently running. The easiest way to do this is to open your Solidworks RX application (located in your list of programs under Solidworks tools). There will be a tab inside the RX window labeled ‘diagnostics’. There it will list the brand name of your card and the driver version you currently have installed. The next step is

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I am Adrian Fanjoy, Technical Services Manager for Computer Aided Technology.  I would like to welcome you to CATI Tech Notes Blog.  We at CATI, the technical staff particularly, are extremely excited about the possibilities presented by bringing information to you in the Blog format.  There are many aspects of SolidWorks, COSMOS, and other products that will lend themselves to this format.  We are very hopeful that you find the information posted here helpful and interesting.    Please check with us frequently and let us know what you think. Thank you, Adrian Fanjoy

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