Configuration List in Enterprise PDM

Well here’s a new topic for me…Enterprise PDM.

You have this part (or assembly) file with multiple configurations that’s in EPDM.  You have named your configurations a good name that’s easy to find and identify.  You find the file in EPDM and then select it.  The data card comes up and all you see are a few configurations.  That’s fine because you know you can just click on the arrows on the right side and it will show you more configurations.

Data Card for Configs

Well that’s great, but what if I want to see a list of all the configurations?  Here’s a trick taught to me by Jeff Sweeney.

If you Right Mouse Click on any of the configurations you get a full list of all of them!!

Configs in EPDM

Now you can click on which one you want and see its data card.  How cool is that?

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