SOLIDWORKS-1500665812897We are pleased to announce the official release of DriveWorks 15 sp1! This release comes with many new updates and enhancements such as;

  • Pack and Go will now copy specifications reports and re-reference included specifications!
  • Better performance with high resolution (4K) monitors!
  • Better control of in-context references!
  • Updating group tables using an array are done in real time!
  • Enhanced DriveWorks Pro Server connectivity handling!

and many more!

Customers with a current description can download the software and view all of the release notes here or view all the notes here (UK). For information about the installation and upgrade process check out the help documents here and more help documents here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact your local value added reseller for assistance!

The InFlow Technology DriveWorks Technical Team


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