DriveWorks Solo has achieved SW Gold Partner Status

DriveWorks has just announce that DriveWorks Solo is now officially a Certified Gold Product. I found this rather surprising because I assumed it already was –DriveWorks Pro has been a gold product since 2002. Turns out each new product needs its own certification.

When looking to buy a partner product, its certification status should be part of your decision making process.

Here is SolidWorks’ definition of a gold product:

Beyond demonstrating success in the SOLIDWORKS market, Certified Gold applications present a seamless and familiar environment to the SOLIDWORKS user. Certified Gold Products:

Run on the same operating systems as SOLIDWORKS software, and have the same Windows® desktop application for ease of administration

  • Use and support SOLIDWORKS documents and terminology
  • Utilize SOLIDWORKS graphics display and selection
  • Provide edit definition capability
  • Use SOLIDWORKS style UI and Help, including tutorials, etc.

Gold Product Certification requires an ongoing partnership with Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp to:

  • Keep up with and ensure compliance with new SOLIDWORKS functionality
  • Test Gold Products with new SOLIDWORKS releases builds and make timely corrections to any ‘bugs’ or glitches
  • Stay current with SOLIDWORKS operating system requirements


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