DriveWorksXpress is for people who like weekends

DriveWorksXpress has been out for over a year now. If my surveys are correct, odds are you haven’t even looked at it.

Why? Do you like doing the “SaveAs”/”SaveAs Copy” dance? Do you enjoy making drawings so much that you would rather change references rather than learning something new? …oh I bet you like doing repetitive tasks…over and over again? [repetitive tasks over and over…I crack myself up.]

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then okay DWX isn’t for you. You are not near lazy enough for me to even look you in the eye.

…but…if you hate of tedious work -give it a look see. Heck, you already own it, it is built into SOLIDWORKS 2008. Everyone can find a use for it, you don’t have to be an “Engineer To Order” company. — If ever you start parts from existing parts; or assemblies from existing assemblies this baby is your ticket to early weekends. Do you have 5 minutes for me to prove me right?

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