ENOVIA 3DEXPERIENCE 2015x - What's New! 2015x vs 2014x Part 3

Welcome back for part 3 of this series in what's new for ENOVIA 2015x. In this part of the series, I will be finishing up on what's new for the connector. Below are the last of the improvements, Enjoy!


Lifecycle Promotion

In 2015x, a new feature was added to the command manager in SolidWorks which may be my favorite add on yet; you are able to promote! For those of you who have never used ENOVIA before (or those that have and know this all too well), in previous versions the user was required to promote outside of SolidWorks. This meant checking out you part, doing your engineering change, checking it back in, going into the web, locating the part again, go to the lifecycle tab, ad promote the part to the next step. In 2015x, Dassault Systemes has now added that functionality directly into the command manager in SolidWorks. I cuts out a chunk of time when promoting a single object. That being said, it only capable of doing that. PROMOTING ONE OBJECT AT A TIME. Be wary of this, it only promotes whatever windows is currently active. If you have an assembly, and have one specific part open, it will only promote that one part. Other than that, this change is greatly welcomed!


Expanded Options in RMB

Expanded option in a RMB may not sound like a big change, but this little detail can play a pivotal in your everyday user's life. Having more options is always a nice thing. In this case, ENOVIA has introduced a few new options into the RMB click, but only in a few selected areas. In the past, users where not able to right click on parts in the Where Used and Contains tabs and get many options. It would require the user to either navigate to that part within that window or open the part in a new window all together. When you are digging for a part somewhere deep down in a large assembly, this can be frustrating, typically resulting in numerous windows open or losing your starting point. Now, users can have all the usual RMB options directly from those tabs, making functionality easier for the users. Great example of little details that make a big difference!


New Background Operations

Unfortunately for these last two, I do not have screen captures to show, so please bear with me.

Reference Types Passed to 3DEXPERIENCE at Check In

    Now, when you check in an assembly containing a part with a reference to another part such as a mirror or base part, the correct relationship type is captured. (Base or mirror)

Instance Auto-Number Generation

    Auto-number generation can now be used to automatically create unique names for both component and assembly instances independent of other SW object types.


That's it for part 3. I hope these last 3 parts were insightful for you. Come back for part 4 as I move on from the connector to other part of ENOVIA!

Aleks Vicentic| Consultant - PLM Solutions 



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