Featured Customer Story: N7849Y, LLC

N7849Y LLC provides Business Development, Program Management, Design for Manufacturing and Operations Management for their customers.  Eric Schmidlin, owner of N7849Y LLC found he needed to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Premium and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium to deliver the product design and engineering services his customer’s need.

Their design and engineering services need to offer clients a complete product development solution.  Most want to reduce cycle time, analyze different designs, conceptualize ideas and need help to communicate this in order to improve their products and get to market faster.  SOLIDWORKS helps them achieve their goals.  An example of this is two of Eric’s aviation clients that have reinvented their products.  

The Perlan Project:  The Airbus Perlan Mission 2 will design and construct a pressurized glider to soar at 90,000 feet.  This will set a new world altitude record for wing-borne flight.  N7849Y LLC completed the business development for RDD Enterprises, to secure the project.  They also provided program management and drafting services to complete the aircraft construction. 

, Featured Customer Story:  N7849Y, LLC

LX7 Conversion to the Lancair IV-P:  The Lancair IV-P has pioneered many “industry firsts” and was one of the first general aviation aircraft to make use of carbon fiber composite material.  The LX7 Conversion enhances the Lancair IV-P by improving it’s handling characteristics, opening its operating envelope, incorporating cutting edge technology, and brining new construction techniques and manufacturing processes unmatched in experimental aircraft.  N7849Y LLC was able to help this client by supporting the design development, program management, manufacturing process design, tooling design, and construction of the aircraft conversion.

, Featured Customer Story:  N7849Y, LLC , Featured Customer Story:  N7849Y, LLC

Eric has been using SOLIDWORKS since he was an undergraduate student at Ohio State University and has continued to use it throughout his career.  When he started his own company, about three years ago, he contacted 3DVision Technologies to learn more about upgrading to SOLIDWORKS Premium.  “They have great tech support and helped me work through issues with accessing my clients servers”, says Eric.  “One of the key roles of SOLIDWORKS in my business is being able to anyalze designs, being able to visualize the entire design, seeing what still needs to be designed and then being able to finalize the design.”

The Results:

  • Ability to offer clients a complete product development solution
  • Delivering results to customers that make product easier to manufacture
  • Clients being able to get product to market quicker
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