Force Design Saves Big with Enterprise PDM

Force Design is a mechanical engineering firm designing automation equipment and robotic weld tooling for manufacturing. Their mantra is to “Take pride in our craftsmanship. We enjoy pleasing our clients with creative, simple, better-than-expected resolutions to their engineering challenges. We find great satisfaction in engineering remarkable machines, paying attention to details, relieving stress from our clients, and improving the operator experience.  We call this Engineering Wizardry.”

For Force Design the past few years have brought significant growth and the challenge of dealing with increased SOLIDWORKS CAD data while maintaining quality, efficiency and organizational requirements.  Their clients rely on them to provide; high quality designs within specified timelines, up-to-date engineering packages with complete revision history, and compliance with their own internal design standards.  Given most projects require multiple designers working simultaneously, it is critical they have an efficient workflow and their software systems can be optimized for this workflow.

They used Workgroup PDM to manage their SOLIDWORKS data successfully for 6 years (2006-2012) but outgrew the capabilities of Workgroup PDM at approximately 10 designers and began the search for a robust PDM system to meet their needs far into the future.

Given their extensive SOLIDWORKS usage and the critical nature of PDM software in their business, they spent significant time investigating their options before deciding Enterprise PDM would be the best choice. “We have not been disappointed.  Implementing Enterprise PDM at Force Design has resolved a number of our critical business needs”

Flexibility:  Enterprise PDM has been an excellent solution for our current CAD/document management needs and we are confident it is robust enough to be a permanent solution for us as we continue to grow.

Workflow: Enterprise PDM workflow rules encourage and confirm consistent and well-organized workflow throughout the entire company which is critical for our quality and efficiency goals.

Collaboration: Multiple designers can work simultaneously on large projects without fear of interference or inadvertent overlap.

Efficiency:  All documents (SOLIDWORKS CAD, notes, RFQ’s, quotations, client supplied data, etc.) can be stored and managed with one software package.  CAD users, management, and office staff all access files critical to their roles in one location.

Speed: We have a very large amount of data managed by Enterprise PDM and access to this data is quick and painless from any workstation.

Security: Enterprise PDM permissions allow us to securely manage confidential client data.

Tools: The tools available in Enterprise PDM allow us to efficiently manage revision histories, copy and alter projects, maintain SOLIDWORKS references, and maintain a robust

Force Design Inc. EPDM                                    SOLIDWORKS EPDM                   


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