Future SOLIDWORKS Enhancements - 2011

As part of Wednesday’s presentation at SOLIDWORKS World, they post the user’s top enhancement requests…

Top 10 Enhancements as read at SOLIDWORKS World 2011:

10. Pressing ESC return to interface
9. File version compatibility
8. Ideas seclum in from aviabe all the time
7. Convert solid body to surface
6. Enhanced Equations
5. Feature Freeze
4. SOLIDWORKS should cleanly uninstall itself
3. Dangle children instead of delete
2. Better utilize processor cores
1. Angle mates that don’t flip around

Before I comment, apologies for #8. I have no idea what I wrote. I remember giggling with glee as they posted #9, thus #8 in my notes is quite illegible.

If you look at the past, there are some classics on here that have been on the list since I was just a little Engineering Data Specialist Man (#9, #3)…there are some that I have no idea how they became a top ten vote getter (#7, #4) and others were actually mentioned as likely to be completed in SOLIDWORKS 2012 (#6, #4).

So unless you are that guy who keeps voting for #7, keep voting and submitting your enhancement requests through the customer portal. It is your best way to drive the future of SolidWorks.

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