GrabCAD Print release notes 1.27

Note for PolyJet users: Please update the Job Manager from the Printer Settings screen. More info.

Interested in trying new features of GrabCAD Print before they are released? Sign up here to request beta access: Current betas include an API to query live printer status and job history (requires GrabCAD Print Server). You can also test the latest version of GrabCAD Print in your environment as part of the  Early Visibility Program.

GrabCAD Print version 1.27, February 2019

Build number released on 25 February 2019

  • Variable width fill, introduced in 1.24 for F123 Series and Fortus 900mc, is now available on Fortus 380mc, 380mc CFE, and 450mc. This feature requires the upcoming version 6.1 of the printer firmware.
  • When you import a CMB file to be printed on an FDM printer, the correct printer will automatically be selected. Additionally, you will now be able to rotate that model about the Z-axis.
  • Certain material combinations are not allowed in a PolyJet print job, such as Vero and VeroFlex, or using only one of the two RGD materials for Digital ABS. Previously, if the printer was loaded with this unsupported combination of materials, the printer would show with an Error state and printing was disabled, even if the job itself didn’t use the unsupported combination. Now, users will be able to print their jobs regardless of which materials are currently loaded in the printer, as long as the unsupported combination is not used in the job.

John Dessoffy
Field Service Manager
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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