GrabCad Print Updates V1.8 and 1.9

GrabCad users know that every time you open the program it will automatically search for updates. But if you run this on a machine that doesn’t get shut down often you may be behind on a few key recent updates. Update 1.8 came out in July and 1.9 was released this week. If you have a large format Fortus printer you will want to get these recent releases.

GrabCAD Print

The biggest jump for both of these releases are the integration of support for some of the popular high performance and engineering materials that run in the large Fortus machines. GrabCad Print now has the ability to process Ultem 9085 (not 9085 CG yet), Ultem 9085 Black, Ultem 1010, Ultem 1010 CG, Nylon 12, Nylon 12 CF, and Nylon 12 CF Black which for past “green flag” Insight users will make things slightly easier without having to use the additional Control Center software for part placement.

Additionally you can now add sacrificial towers for these materials and machines in GrabCad Print which should help get you even better results in quality and seam control on the part.

The F123 line also picked up a few perks as well from these updates. Print quality should be improved on the base layers as they have reconfigured how the software slices and then translates the data to the machine.

All FDM machines will benefit from the optimized tray arrangement for better nesting and placement of parts around the center of the bed. You can now also export CSV files on or offline to get the info on job printing info to track material consumption and hours of printing.

All new users to GrabCad Print will find installation a bit easier now too as Admin privileges for installation have been lifted. This will open it up to be installed in more places and for easier access to your printers.

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