How I lost a bet to Gallo

A few weeks ago during our weekly “how are we going to take over the world” planning sessions with Lou Gallo, we were brainstorming on ways EPDM could alert you when a file had been in a workflow state more than a certain number of days. I theorized that it would be very difficult to do because EPDM does not have any timer based triggers.

Lou countered with the comment that EPDM does have a way to alert you when I project is due.

“Bah!” I shouted jumping on my desk! Anything that cool I’d certainly know about it!

Lou calmly showed me the Deadline property of a folder,


went to the notifications area,


and then pointed to the tiny little option down at the bottom of the folders tab…


Saaaayyyyy…a timer based notification! There’re in there, just need to find a way to harvest it!

EDSM quiz: There are at least three other timer based functions inside of EPDM. Can you name them?

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