How To: Set Default Values on Enterprise PDM Search Cards

Search is easily the most used feature in Enterprise PDM. Would you like to save your users time and effort finding the files they need? Try adding default values to your search cards to make searching easier. Here is how to do it

1. Open the search card in the card editor

2. Identify the variables (search fields) you want to set

– Notice that you can’t set a default value in the property pane like you can in all other card types

3. Open the “Default Values” command from the “Card” menu


4. Set your defaults

It is just that easy. Here is a list of commonly used default values:

Search Folder Path = \ (Root of the vault, or from the top of the vault tree)

Checked In Files = 1 (True, or checked)

Checked Out Files = 1 (True, or checked)

Find Folders = 0 (False, or unchecked)

If you need more assistance or have questions, please contact Inflow Technology Support at 888-285-2285 or at

Ryan Dally – PLM Consultant

Pro Tip Bonus

You can set defaults that aren’t even on the card! If you want your search card to always have a particular filter, hard code the value in the default table. You users will not be able to change this value, making it ideal for secure searches. This can be used to keep departments from finding each other’s files, or to help with regulatory compliance (like ITAR, FDA, etc). You can also use this to quickly create precise custom search cards with minimal data entry. One popular example is the “To Do” list.


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