Let Customers Start Designing Your Products Using DriveWorks

You’ve heard it a thousand times before, but your kids are right, the Internet is not going to go away. More and more customers are wanting…. expecting you to have a web presence of your product – but not your product, your product, their way…and they want it now.

Certainly you have seen web sites that can do this. You can design your own Xbox controller, go to your local home improvement center’s page and design your own deck, you can even choose your options on your next car.

How could you do this with your products? The software running behind the curtains is called a “Design Configurator” or sometimes CPQ. (Configure, Price, Quote). Sometimes people create these web sites from scratch, but I created the video below showing you how you could us DriveWorks to do the same thing [or maybe even more]. It certainly beats re-inventing the wheel.


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