Interesting takeaways from SOLIDWORKS World 2019

, Interesting takeaways from SOLIDWORKS World 2019

Many of you got out to SWW 2019, many more didn’t have the chance to go. Here are a few things you might find interesting.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 enhancements:

Torsion control in splines:

  • Users can now add G3 continuity or a constant rate of curvature constraint to splines in a sketch

Section View Normal to Screen:

  • Users can now create a Section View normal to the screen
  • Outside of the command, the Section View updates with the rotation of the model but is not affected by zooming
  • Section View depth is controlled with the mouse scroll wheel and CTRL key

Propagate Envelope Components to sub-assemblies:

  • Users can now select components of multiple sub-assemblies as envelope references in specific sub-assemblies

Mass Proprieties in SOLIDWORKS Routing:

  • Properties for wires, cables, and coverings can now include a mass per unit length property which provide accurate, real-time mass property updating

Flexible Parts:

  • Parts can now be made Flexible in an assembly.
  • Flexible Parts update automatically as their references change.
  • Multiple instances of the same part handled without configurations, equations, or separate files.

Detailing Mode for Drawings:

  • New option to open your largest, multi-sheet drawings in seconds
  • Annotations, balloons, view creation, dimensions and tolerances are all available
  • No separate files required
  • Just hit save when finished; save as PDF and DWG available

Drawing Markups:

  • Markups are now available in drawings using Windows touch-enabled devices
  • Markups in Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings no longer require Windows touch-enabled devices
  • Markups in Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings are now available in eDrawings


  • SOLIDWORKS xShape is the 3D subdivision modeling tool on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform


  • SOLIDWORKS xDesign is a browser-based 3D parametric modeling tool on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Connector for SOLIDWORKS

  • Allows seamless interoperability between SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE Platform apps

To see the entire event announcement and operation of the tools, use this video link to Day 2 event content:

Full event videos can be found here:

SOLIDWORKS also announced that they are acquiring the rest of the Trace Elecworks software and automation. This will give SOLIDWORKS Electrical a boost. They also are acquiring their employees which will help get more balance to the support side.

John Van Engen
Support Team Leader
Computer Aided Technology


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