It’s Here!!! - SOLIDWORKS 2009

In case you have not
heard SOLIDWORKS 2009 has officially been released!  Media will not be sent out for a few weeks,
but you can download 2009 from the SOLIDWORKS Customer Center if you are ready
to try it out –

It is a great release
that we at CATI are all really excited about. 
It is filled with over 250 new enhancements that will really help you
design easier, faster, and better.  Here
is just a small portion of some of the new features you will see in 2009:

Major improvements in the speed of the software

– The
ability to load selected items into memory and not load others

– Lip
and Groove tool for molded components

RealView Appearances, Colors, and Textures all consolidated together

– The
ability to key negative dimensions and zero dimensions

slot tool to create straight and curved slots

– Dual
monitor support

We hope you all find
numerous improvements in 2009 that improve your productivity and make your
design process easier.  We look forward
to you putting it into production and getting your feedback. 


Leslie Lougheed

Regional Technical

Computer Aided
Technology, Inc.

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