Meet our Experts: Technical Training Manager Rodney Harper

Power of Our People TrainingMeet Rodney Harper! Rodney has been our technical training manager here at Fisher Unitech since 2008 and is based out of our office in Troy, Michigan. With over 13 years of experience working with SOLIDWORKS, Rodney wants to guarantee that his students get the best training experience available.

SOLIDWORKS training is offered in class, on site, or online to meet your needs. Rodney manages a team of skilled trainers and training administrators committed to making your learning experience the best it can be.

I wanted to know what makes Rodney so passionate about his job and why he thinks proper SOLIDWORKS training is so important. Here’s an insight as to what training means to Rodney.

Why is training so important?

Training is a key component to ensure a student is firing on all cylinders.” The proper SOLIDWORKS training  allows the user to get the maximum return of investment from their software. No user should ever be left to “figure it out” while on the job. Understanding the software to help overcome any design challenge helps make the user and the company work smarter.

Fisher Unitech has only the best interest of their students in mind, and that is why we only have instructors that are top notch in the classes they teach.

What is your favorite part about working with students?

“My favorite part of working with students is the variety of things they are designing in SOLIDWORKS. Each industry provides a different challenge to mold SOLIDWORKS into what works best for them.”

Working with students and companies directly means that everyone receives the learning style that works best for them. And with a vast catalog of courses available, students are able to take the appropriate classes that meet their needs. With the education roadmap, users are able to understand what classes need to be taken for a certain certification or are able to sign up for individual classes.

Each of our education settings, whether it be online, in classroom, or on site means that you’ll always be taught by a live instructor who will share their personal tips, tricks, and best practices that can be used in a real world setting.

Did you know…?

Meet-Our-Experts-Rodney-Harper-Technical-Training-Manager-2Rodney has some pretty awesome hobbies outside of teaching class. He is a USA Archery L3 certified coach and coaches a local Junior Olympic Archery Development team in Milan, Michigan as well as private sessions.

Rodney also coaches the Dundee, Michigan FIRST Robotics team: Vi-Borgs. He educates the team on SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD as well as how to assemble electrical components.

He used to work at a bicycle shop in high school, which got him involved in mountain biking which he now enjoys in with his three boys.

Power of our People

Our award-winning technical team provides unsurpassed service and support for the products we sell. We offer more training options than any other 3D CAD solution provider in the country, and our consulting team delivers professional services for design automation and data management.

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Want to learn more about classes and scheduling? Visit our training page.


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