Motion Stress Recovery

, Motion Stress Recovery
Machine Designers have a tough time figuring out reaction generated to applied loading. Using SOLIDWORKS Motion simulation users can calculate loads generated in a component. This involves a two step process, (a) solve motion analysis (b) import loads calculated in motion analysis into structural simulation and then co-relate the two. One of the cool features introduced in Simulation 2010 motion simulation is converging two steps into one.

Once motion analysis is run, users can simply pick a component of interest and tell motion analyzer to calculate reaction load during all frames of motion or pick a specific frame of interest. Obviously, number of frames accounted for, will directly correspond to time taken for calculation.

, Motion Stress Recovery, Motion Stress Recovery  , Motion Stress Recovery 

Coolness factor

What's amazing, is users can superimpose parameter of interest (displacement, factor of safety etc.) in a component due to applied motion and animate the results. This shows both the motion as well as reaction generated in the component due to motion in a single interface. So the user understands complete component behavior under motion.  

Rajat Trehan

Product Manager – Design Validation 

Computer Aided Technology Inc.

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