NEW SmartDimension functionality in SW2012

Wondering why sometimes in SOLIDWORKS 2012 you have to hit the ESC key multiple times to exit out of the Smart Dimension command ?

Think there is something wrong ?

Turns out you are just missing out on some new functionality with the Dimension command in SOLIDWORKS 2012 !

The ESC key will let you “back up” thru your picks that you have made in the Smart Dimension command.

Let’s say you selected two things to dimension between and then decide you don’t like what you selected for one of them… In 2011 and before you would have to just ESC to exit out of the Smart Dimension command, then hit the Smart Dimension button again to start over, and then pick what you wanted.

NOW in SOLIDWORKS 2012, if you have “mis-picked” (or changed your mind) you can hit ESC once to UN-pick your last pic, ESC again to UN-pick the previous pick, etc. etc. until you have un-picked what you don’t want and then just pick the correct items.
All without exiting and restarting the Smart Dimension command !

Pretty great when you know how to use it !!

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