Objet 3D printing helps doctors provide medical treatment for children

Join Objet Geometries and Dr. Mike North of Miracle Feet for a webinar discussing how Miracle Feet utilized Objet's Connex 3D printer to help create corrective braces for children with clubfoot. Rapid prototyping with the Connex 3D Printer played a big role in developing the optimal brace design. There are currently 1 million untreated cases of clubfoot in the world — 175,000 new cases a year — with limited affordable solutions.

Date and Time
Thursday, June 16, 2011
1:00pm Central Time

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  • Learn about challenges of designing a brace that is universally adaptable yet low cost.
  • How prototyping helped Dr. North overcome these design challenges leveraging Objet’s Connex 3D Printer
  • Hear how past prototype design projects helped Dr. North determine the correct solution for the brace
  • Other advancements in prototyping

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Jim TeDesco
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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