Pack and go at $60 an hour

I was reading Paul Gimbel’s comment about where the real cost savings of DriveWorks lay…in the input forms. The comment was so good I thought I would make another post out of it rather than reply directly to the comment.

Paul makes some good points, that boil down to “getting it right the first time”. We all know there are huge advantages to that. Faster time to market, less waste, happier customers, more quotes, more room on your shop floor to do the hard stuff, etc. Crazy money to be saved.

DriveWorks also has case studies where design time has gone from weeks down to minutes. Easy savings to see there.

But again: “nobody ever saved themselves into being a millionaire”.

How do you become “the millionaire”? Build a better mouse trap. Innovate rather than duplicate. You hire the best engineers you can find, pay a $60/hour burden rate for them to “Pack and Go” or “Copy Tree” the designs over and over? All the while they could be working on innovation. Improving your products.


Design Automation, frees your engineer’s time up to make the product better.

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