PhotoView 360 versus PhotoWorks

Sample PhotoView 360 ImagePhotoView 360 represents the latest in technology for balancing high quality image output with ease of use. The technology base for PhotoView 360 is new and was co-developed with Luxology, a leader in photorealistic rendering technology.  PhotoView 360 is fast and very easy to use –you may begin to create photorealistic renderings of your designs as a communication tool. It really can be as simple as opening your file in SOLIDWORKS and you can start rendering right away!

PhotoWorks, introduced back in ’96, is built into SOLIDWORKS Office, Professional and Premium.  PhotoWorks provides excellent image creation capability in the hands of experienced users and can even create rendered animations where needed. There are a lot more settings, and as such you have a little more control over your output.

For SOLIDWORKS 2009, designers can use either PhotoView 360 or PhotoWorks to create photorealistic renderings of their designs. PhotoView 360 is available now as a free download from the SOLIDWORKS website.

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