Projecting FEA to Management effectively

I have always wondered about the perception of management towards purchase and implementation of CAE software. The benefits are seldom evident, and the success of the tool is almost always inevitably buried under the blanket. The timely rollout of the product line, minimal failures, and increased revenue are more direct indicators observed by the management. I guess the yeast is never appreciated for good bread. The dough and the bread makers are!!!

So it often becomes a big challenge when management needs to be convinced about the potential for a product like COSMOS. I found this interesting article written by Vince Adams, one of the Product Managers for the COSMOS FEA suite, where he addresses the resistance from the management and how to counter them.

As you would perceive after reading this article, the issue lies in educating management sufficiently for them to perceive the benefits and liabilities associated with FEA. Setting good expectations would relieve a lot of stress downstream.

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