Render a fun competition

 This last month I finally got make a submission to the PhotoWorks/PhotoView 360 Rendering contest at  This contest used to be hosted by Rob Rodriguez at It is now hosted by Chris Thorn, a SOLIDWORKS user for several years.  He like your feedback on contest.


With that, more about the contest.  Each month a SOLIDWORKS model is selected to be rendered in either tool you would like in the SOLIDWORKS suite of tools, PhotoWorks or PhotoView 360.  You have 30 days to render and submit your models.  At the close of the contest there is five days of voting open to the public.  The winner is then announced and the winner's entry is placed into the Winner's Gallery.

I've done my share of rendering over the years in SOLIDWORKS, 3d Studio, Maya, POV-Ray and many others.  With that I've acquired a pretty good knowledge of the technology and techniques used in rendering.  So, today I'm starting a new category here at, PhotoView 360. 360 will be our vessel of choice over the next few months, but the topics will lean more towards rendering in general.

We are going to cover topics such as preparing your model, materials, environments (HDRI and Non), outputs, and post production. I hope you enjoy it.

At the beginning, middle, and end of this I hope you take the time to download and try these techniques on the models at Upload your images, get feedback, and be creative.

I'll close with what James Cameron (YES the AVATAR guy) said at SOLIDWORKS World this years. Follow these and submit your renders.

Hope is not a strategy

Luck is not a factor

Fear is not an option

By the way I WON!!!!!

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