SmarTeam R19 SP8 with SolidWorks 2009 SP5.1 "HotFix"

Please see the notification from DS below…

If you are an Inflow Technology customer, please contact us to download the HF.





Dear Partners,


DS recommends all SmarTeam/SolidWorks integration customers using SW2009 to install SW2009SP5.1 plus a selected hotfix in combination with ENOVIA SMARTEAM  R19SP8HF1.

With this level you will have better large assembly data management especially when configurations are involved, in terms of data consistency and performance.

SW2009 SP5.1 is the last service pack for the SolidWorks 2009 release and is the only SW2009 service pack for which hot fixes can be issued.


Hotfix Content:


You can find here the list of all corrections that have been delivered through the HF1 of ENOVIA SMARTEAM (V5R19SP8HF1)


? When working with SolidWorks weldments and simplified configurations, the Lifecycle window did not appear when you tried to perform a Check In operation, although the "Disable additional weldment configuration description settings" option was not selected. (HF-045969V5R19SP8)

? After performing a Check In operation, a loaded part was missing in the SmarTeam – SolidWorks integration. (HF-042000V5R19SP8)

? When you opened an assembly with one or more subassemblies and parts, SmarTeam warning message 29206 was displayed. (HF-041402V5R19SP8)

? After performing a Check Out operation on a part and drawing, the drawing was still displayed as Read-only.(HF-023978V5R19SP8)

? When a part included many configurations, there were performance issues when you executed a Save operation. (HF-042933V5R19SP8)

? In some cases, when saving an assembly to SmarTeam, the parts were not saved. (HF-039724V5R19SP8)

? In some cases, a SmarTeam save operation performed on a SolidWorks assembly failed and no error message was displayed. As a result of the operation's failure, tree links were missing. (HF-049206V5R19SP8)

? When a SolidWorks assembly had 2 different configurations of the same part, only one configuration was used in the database, with double quantity.(HF-049930V5R19SP8).


You can find here the list of all corrections that have been delivered through SW2009 SP5.1 HotFix_370497_456835_548249_548388:


? SPR 548249 – Continuation of 524963 : AssemblyDoc::GetUnloadedComponentNames is still slow with this large assembly + asserts

? SPR 548388 – Assembly AddItemNotify event called for hidden flexible sub-assembly

? SPR 456835 – IConfiguration.IsDirty method in the SolidWorks API

? SPR 370497 Would like property on Configuration telling whether it is an 'As Machined' and 'As Welded' configuration

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