Solidworks 2009 Custom Properties and SmarTeam V5R19

SmarTeam has added a new configuration setting that affects the way custom properties are handled with Solidworks 2009.

The new configuration key is Solidworks.LoadPropertiesOnOpen and is stored in the smarteam.std.legacypreferences.config area.

Description of key:

Specifies whether or not to load SmarTeam attributes into the SolidWorks file properties when opening a SolidWorks document. Possible values:
  YES = Load the SmarTeam attributes.
  NO = Do not load the SmarTeam attributes

The default value for this Key is NO.

This means that by default any changes made to mapped custom properties will NOTget updated in Solidworks even though the integration tools setup is defined to push the data from SmarTeam to Solidworks.

The solution we have used to get the ability to push SmarTeam attributes to the custom properties is to set a Domain level override to the Solidworks.LoadPropertiesOnOpen key with a value of YES.

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