SOLIDWORKS 2013 - Varied Dimension Patterning

One of my favorite enhancements for SOLIDWORKS 2013 is the new ability to vary dimensions when creating a pattern.  To do this first create a feature to pattern as in the image below.

2013 varied pattern1

Then Start a pattern command and specify the direction as usual. In this instance it has been done in two directions.

2013 varied pattern2

Once you have started the pattern you can turn on the options box for varied dimensions. With this option turned on we can vary the pattern spacing as seen below.

2013 varied pattern3

On top of varying the pattern spacing we can vary specific dimension. In the blue box of the varied pattern option box select the dimension to vary. Once selected, you can vary the dimension both positively and negatively as seen below.

2013 varied pattern4

And that’s not all. Not only can you vary the pattern spacing and vary dimension but you can edit each individual patterned instance individually. Simply click on the pink dot and chose modify instance to obtain the modify box, make your modification and your done.

2013 varied pattern5

2013 varied pattern6

All of this was done with one pattern command. On longer do you have create complex sketches to vary the dimension of pattern entities.


Nick Jansen   Applications Engineer, CSWP

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