SOLIDWORKS 2015 What’s New – Routing HVAC Ducting support #sw2015

The long awaited HVAC support is now included in SOLIDWORKS 2015 Routing. There is support for square, rectangular and round ducting.

This enhancement allows you to create routing assemblies for:

• HVAC rigid air conditioning ducts and other user defined mechanical styles of ducting.

• Ducting and trunking for closed top electrical routing.

• Cable trays for rectangular section open top ducting.

First a little bit of UI change for those of you already using routing. The routing menu has a new home under the Tools menu.


The next change is the additional routing component folders. There is a folder for HAVC which has the rectangular parts and a round ducting folder.


Let's peek inside and see some of the goodies!



You may mix combinations of elbows and corners as we take a look at a full portion of HVAC ducts:


PropertyManagers including Connection Point, Route Properties, Auto Route, and Edit Route contains additional options for these route types. For example in the Connection Point PropertyManager, additional sub-route types under Electrical include Ducting/Trunking and Cable Tray.

In the Route Properties PropertyManager, you can also define a User Defined route type to create air conditioning, other mechanical styles of ducting and space planning type route subassemblies. When you apply a User Defined route type, you must specify whether the cross section is Rectangular or Circular, and set parameters according to the type. You then sketch the path between components using Auto Route, add other routing hardware, or sketch lines and splines using 3D sketch tools. These route types are also fully supported in BOMs and drawings.

John Van Engen

CATI Sr. Technical Analyst


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