SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

SOLIDWORKS has always been an innovator of powerful 3D design software for engineers alike all over the world. Professional tools are available for engineers who like to imagine, design, and validate on a regular basis. However, those same engineers had to have started somewhere and somehow.

As children, our current engineers were influenced by someone or something to eventually produce wonderful ideas and designs that can engage their customers to find out more. Today, SOLIDWORKS has innovated once again to bring you exactly what the future of our planet can take advantage of now and beyond – SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

YouTube video:

The child can begin with a visual concept, be it a photo or a just sketch on a napkin, and take that vision and mold it into something that can capture their imagination for years to come. Eventually, that child can become someone responsible for something special in their adult lives.

They can begin by capturing their vision:


After they have that vision, they can begin to physically create that vision using the design tools from SOLIDWORKS at their disposal easily and effectively.



They can shape it.


They can style it.



They can show it.



They can also order a 3D print of their design once it's completed.



The 3D print can be delivered within days.


With today's SOLIDWORKS technology, our children can get a taste of what it's like to be an engineer as well as be proud of what they can create with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids. The official release is scheduled for spring 2016 for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Feedback from you and your child is welcomed as this is a unique opportunity to shape the future of the product. If you would like your child to participate, register for the SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids Beta Program at

George Brañes

CATI Support Engineer

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