SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Guides: Check 'em out!

It has recently come to my attention that not every Enterprise PDM administrator reads the administration guides that come packaged with the EPDM install media.  For those who have neglected to look through the guides, you are missing out on a couple nice items:

Find your admin guides under “Support/Guides/<your language>”  GB is English if that is not clear.

  • Installation Guide Page 62: Installing EPDM clients using an admin image.
  • Installation Guide Page 81: Automatically deploy the EPDM client vault view
  • Replication Guide Page 37: Increase the logging level of your archive server to monitor replication job progress
  • Administration Guide Page 61: Archive server cleanup scheduling (removing destroyed files)
  • Administration Guide Page 61: Archive server compression (compress history)
  • Administration Guide Page 90: Debug Add-ins (add your add-ins without affecting users)
  • Web Server Guide All Pages: no one ever seems to read this one.

Take a look at these items and send your feedback!  For more information, look us up at



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