SOLIDWORKS – Pictures on Models and in Drawings

At times it's effective to use images or pictures on models to add a realism factor with minimal effort. Here I'll show two methods of getting images in or on your parts and also to their drawings. The first method will use a "Sketch Picture", the second will use a "Decal".


The picture above shows a "Sketch Picture" of a Danger Label. Starting a 2D Sketch one can use Tools, Sketch Tools, Sketch Picture to add an image/picture to a sketch. When the sketch is show the picture is visible, hide the sketch and you hide the picture.


Above is an example of a "Decal". The "Display Manager" is shown, the "Decals Icon" is selected. Initially you'll see an "Open Decal Library" button. This will expand the Decal folder in the Task Pane and you can drag and drop a decal onto your part. This tree shows that the SOLIDWORKS logo has been applied to a curved face.


Above we see the results of changing the "Display Mode" to "Hidden Lines Removed". The "Sketch Picture" is still visible, but the "Decal" is not.


Above we see the drawing views in "Shaded with Edges" mode and we see the "Decal" and the "Sketch Picture" (If View, Sketches is on and the sketch in the model is still set to show).


Above we see the drawing views in "Hidden Lines Removed" mode and we see the only the "Sketch Picture" (If View, Sketches is on and the sketch in the model is still set to show).

Summary Comparison:

Sketch Picture = 2D Sketches Only            Decal = 2D or Curved Face

Sketch Picture = Either Display Mode        Decal = Shaded Modes Only

Sketch Picture = Not in Broken Views        Decal = Shows in Broken Views

Recommendation for Assemblies: Put the decal on the face of a solid part of the appropriate size and shape. Insert this part into the assembly and mate in location. Create a Display State where all components except the decaled part is set to Hidden Lines Visible or Removed, Change the Display Mode for the decaled part to Shaded w/Edges. Reference this Display State in drawing views where shaded views are not desired, but seeing the decal is.

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Jim Krivoshein

CATI Technical Analyst

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