SOLIDWORKS User Groups May-June 2016

If you're a SOLIDWORKS user, you may have heard of SOLIDWORKS user groups. Many of you are probably members of a local one, and if you're not, then let's get started!

Users' Groups provide a forum for networking, learning, and information exchange among local area SOLIDWORKS users. The groups are typically a Not-For-Profit organization composed mostly of engineering professionals, but even if you have the slightest interested in SOLIDWORKS you are welcome and encouraged to join. Follow this link to watch a Youtube video of an experience at one of these events:

So where are these user groups and how do I get more information on them? The best resource I have found is the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network (



You can click on "Calendar" or follow this hyperlink to view any upcoming events:

Additionally, for all of us down here in Illinois, it appears like there is one coming up this month in Sugar Grove, IL. This one in particular schedules about a couple of hours of tips and tricks on using the software that is shared among the users in attendance while having pizza and soft drinks. There will also be a prize drawing.


If you're a SOLIDWORKS user, you might benefit from attending one of these meetings every so often just to stay in touch and be updated on the use of SOLIDWORKS while meeting new and intriguing people. Log onto the website today and find out when and where you can attend one near you.

George Brañes

CATI Support Engineer

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