Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace

Do you ever catch yourself grumbling while using SolidWorks?  Well, I know of a few from my recent Essentials classes that do!  Whenever you find yourself saying, “That’s stupid, it should work THIS way!”, do this:

  1. Freeze
  2. Grab a pen and a pad
  3. Write your thoughts down, so you don’t forget them
  4. Log into the customer portal and submit an Enhancement Request (located under ‘My Support’).

But for the next month or so, you’ll also be able to post your ideas with a chance to have them voted into the top 10 of the year!  Just click on this link (you’ll need to be logged into the forum, so if you don’t have an account create one)…


…and start submitting/voting for your favorite enhancements by clicking the ‘Create an idea’ link on the right.  The top 10 ideas will be presented in San Antonio during SOLIDWORKS World and be at the top of the development team’s to-do list!  SolidWorks’ ability to listen to their enormous user base (1.4 million) is what keeps them ahead of the pack.

So get busy, or BE QUIET!  : )

By the way, I just littered the submission board with 15 ideas of my own.  Here are my favorites (again, make sure you’re logged in for links to work): Weldment Profiles to use Configurations, Auto Zoom ‘Normal To’ for Sketches Option

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