The Global SIMULIA & CATIA Conference Is Coming, and We're Presenting!

Join us virtually for the 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling and Simulation Conference, November 17-18!  We’ll be having two fascinating presentations for you to enjoy:

Effective Methods for User-Defined Meshing in CST Microwave Studio

A key benefit of CST Microwave Studio is the broad selection of high-frequency solvers. This includes two general-purpose base solvers, Time Domain and Frequency Domain, and two special-purpose solvers, Integral and Asymptotic.

We will review user-defined meshing methods, best practices, and solver settings that affect mesh quality and solution convergence.

We will also discuss how reproducing results in different domains and with different meshing techniques can greatly contribute to confidence in simulation results.


How I’ve Been Doing More Engineering with Less Work

As a simulation engineer for a CAE consultant, I spend a lot of time in pre-/post- tools, and over the past year, 3DEXPERIENCE has become my tool of choice for simulation.

In this talk, I’ll be demonstrating the variety of ways 3DEXPERIENCE has impressed me and allowed me to do FEA faster and easier than I was accustomed to when coming from other tools from both DS and competitors.

jim reed
Presented by:
Jim Reed
Senior Electromagnetic Engineer
Marcel Ingels
Presented by:
Marcel Ingels
CAE Project Engineer

The conference will provide attendees from around the world with the chance to:

  • Watch Plenary, including keynotes and messaging from our 3DS executives
  • View 70+ user and 3DS presentations
  • Search and build your own agenda
  • Talk with other attendees in chat rooms in specific domain of interests
  • Engage with their local team at Regional User Meetings in your own language
  • Tour the expo hall and visit Partners and 3DEXPERIENCE Playground
  • Q&A
  • Connect and network with other users
  • Much more!

Registration links, agenda, and conference guide can be found on our event page.

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