The Secret Fellowship of Enterprise Users

“Welcome Enterprise PDM users to our third [randomly chosen time interval] meeting! Southern Plate, thanks for providing refreshments.”

“Today’s topic: Enterprise settings when using SolidWorks. If you would all direct your attention to the slide on the wall:”

External References Settings

“If any of you have been using Enterprise PDM and don’t have the top two settings as shown, please surrender your membership cards to Christy as you leave the room. You’ll receive a refund of your dues next week.”

“Brother Alan Burke, from the Columbus Ohio chapter, I understand you have some settings to share?”

“I do, Grandmaster Engineering Data Specialist Man. If you would, please direct your attention to the next slide:”

Addin Settings

“I use very large assemblies where I work and found SOLIDWORKS was very slow when I would switch from one window to another, add parts or even suppress/unsuppress parts. When I removed the check boxes from the options you see here, I noticed a significant performance increase. Granted my tree list in the Enterprise tab is not always up-to-date, but that is a small price to pay. -Besides I can always manually reload the tree if I need to see an update.”

“Brother Alan, it takes a wise man to know of these settings. You may bring refreshments to the next meeting. Meeting adjourned.”

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