Upcoming CATI Training Classes for July 2016

Did you know that CATI has more than 50 training classes to help you with SOLIDWORKS, Simulation, Data Management and 3D Printing? We have worked with you and your companies to provide you the best tools to get your job done. These tools are very complex and can be difficult to understand without the proper training. Let our techs help you learn the software as it applies to you and your job.

We offer our classes in 2 formats; classroom and virtual classroom.

The classroom courses are offered at one of the 10 training centers we have in the Midwest. With our recent merger with MCAD, we have 5 additional training centers in Colorado, New Mexico, Washington and Oregon. Classes vary in number of day depending on the topic and typically run 9AM to 5PM each day (check your registration to verify local start times). With 15 training centers we are certain you can find a training class nearby. If not, we know everyone likes to get out of the office and travel once and a while. Come out and see our offices. How many have you seen?

The virtual classroom is a training environment that allows you to take ½ day sessions in the comfort of your own office or home without having to travel. All you need is a fast internet connection and a phone. Sorry but your 56k modem will not work anymore. Classes are taught by a live tech, just as you would have in one of our classroom, and you even get to use CATI hardware, so don't worry about having the right software on your machine.

Here is a snapshot of all of the upcoming training for all of our locations. This schedule also tells you how many seats are available as of 6/14/16. Hurry and sign up before your class fills up!





An insight into our classes:

This month I am going to take a look at our Assembly Modeling class.

Now that everyone has taken essentials and part modeling, we need to work on assembling part together. The assembly modeling class will take you thru the various assembly modeling techniques. Once an assembly has been created, there is a specific structure to understand. Gaining a clear understanding of this structure will help when working on assemblies and troubleshooting issues that occur. Our techs will walk you thru many advanced mating techniques, top down assembly modeling, assembly features, smart fasteners, and smart components. We will also cover editing the assembly once created and troubleshooting errors that may occur.

Do you want to create variations of your assemblies? We will show you how to create configurations in your assembly file. We also take a look at equations and sensors to add additional levels of control. Configurations give you the ability to control the physical aspects of the assembly, but not the appearances. We will teach you how the display states are used to control the appearance of the model in addition to the configurations.

As assembly models grow in size, it is important to know how to manage assemblies the larger they get. We will take a look at several tools available in SOLIDWORKS to optimize assemblies, such as large assembly mode, speedpak, defeature, assembly visualization, large design review, and treehouse.


It is recommended that you have completed the SOLIDWORKS Essentials class.

Topics Covered

  • Top-Down Assembly Modeling
  • Working with Assemblies
  • Assembly Editing and Structuring
  • Large Assembly Considerations


Please contact a CATI sales rep for a pricing quote. 888-308-2284

Essential classes thru the end of July:


Please contact CATI or MCAD if you have any questions about training. Any of our techs will be happy to answer your questions or help you develop a training plan that is best for you.

Remember that these are fast paced classes, and we cover a lot of material in a short amount of time. Please come to class ready to learn, and our instructors will help you get the most out of your class.

Bryan Pawlak

Sr. Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology, Inc

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