Why Automate?

DriveWorks is proven technology that reduces the time and money consumed on custom product design and support. DriveWorks lets you automate repetitive tasks and generates all the design and manufacturing output required.

There are several good reasons why companies want to automate what they do:

  • Reduce the cost of custom designs
  • Respond quickly to sales enquirie
  • Enhance product quality
  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • The Benefits of DriveWorks

  • DriveWorks lets you capture and re-use knowledge and rules to specify, design and engineer to order
  • It allows you to respond quickly to sales enquiries
  • DriveWorks can capture and protect individual’s knowledge
  • It reduces cost of custom design repetitive tasks
  • DriveWorks can enhance the product quality/audit trail by eliminating human error
  • It bridges the gap between the engineering and sales departments
  • DriveWorks offers a scalable solution all the way to 3D configuration on the web!
  • To learn more about DriveWorks click here.

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