Yeah, Baby! Midwest Mojo!

It has been a very strong year for 3DVia Composer sales in the Midwest. We are holding three separate 3DVia Composer classes over the next few weeks in Columbus and Cincinnati. Why is interest so high in this product right now? I think that companies are starting to understand how this tool can make their lives easier by increasing productivity as well as increasing the quality of their instruction manuals and assembly instructions. The more time I spend with this product the more I know that it can help many of our customers. When we get the opportunity to show a company what 3DVia Composer can do for them there is always a lot of excitement in the room. I can remember giving demonstrations of SOLIDWORKS back in 2000 when people had never heard of it! It was exciting introducing them to such a revolutionary tool that could make their lives easier. Now SOLIDWORKS has established themselves as the proven and dominate 3D modeling product. Very rarely do we introduce anyone to the name “SolidWorks”. We are seeing the same sort of energy and excitement when people first see 3DVia Composer. The idea that there is a tool created specifically to address the challenges of creating and communicating assembly instructions and manuals is brand new. We are excited to see the awesome work our talented customers will create with Composer. No more outdated photos in the instruction manuals, no more redrawing everything in Illustrator, brand new ways to communicate assembly instruction through interactive videos; This product will energize the Technical Documentation team like nothing they have used before.

For those of you that have recently jumped on the Composer band wagon, here is a great site for tips and tricks. Yeah, Baby!

Scott Powers

Scott High
Technical Services Manager
3DVision Technologies

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