July 2017

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Portable Handheld 3D Scanning and Metrology Devices

Now Available from Computer Aided Technology (CATI)

CATI has partnered with Creaform to enhance your product development process with 3D Scanning technology.  Creaform’s technologies are synonymous with accuracy, portability and simplicity. Their portable 3D measuring devices have been developed to cater to the needs and challenges of manufacturers’ working environment.

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Stratasys 3D Printing: How Additive Manufacturing Will Change the Way We Think About Design

3D printing has opened the door to a new huge space of design and manufacturing possibilities and this space is only growing with the introduction of new printing materials, finer printing resolution, and the ability to print with multiple materials simultaneously. The combination of new geometric representations, new design paradigms, and new possibilities leads to challenges and opportunities field like never before.

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Creaform 3D Scanning: HandySCAN 3D Scanner Now Certified by Airbus

This certification comes following the recognition of HandySCAN 3D’s specifications by the French National Laboratory for Metrology & Testing (LNE). Combined with Creaform’s powerful and easy-to-use VXelements software, the scanner can reduce measurement times by up to 80% compared traditional methods. Creaform HandySCAN 3D scanners will soon be listed in the Airbus Technical Equipment Manual (TEM) which is referenced in the company’s Structure Repair Manual (SRM) and will apply to Airbus A320, A330/A340, A380, A300/A310 models.

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SOLIDWORKS: Renderer Selection in Visualize

Selecting the best rendering method for the job at hand is one of the most important decisions a user of SOLIDWORKS Visualize can make. The renderers and options that Visualize offers are best suited to different points in a typical workflow and can help the user greatly increase her or his efficiency. This article/case study discusses those renderers and the best times to use them.

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